19 single family dwellings

Firm: Atelier KZNA

Consultant: SVESMI

Client: Private

Program: 19 ground bound single family dwellings

Year: 2011

Location: Lelystad, NL

Size: 150 to 250 m2 each

Planned to be built at at the very edge of the city on an unusually narrow plot of land, this complex of nineteen private family dwellings offers a proper balance of private and public spaces. While each house has an air of modern intimacy and creates a very private atmosphere for the family, the garden with no visual boundaries allows to connect to the neighbours effortlessly, giving an opportunity for unforced interactions between the members of this close knit community. Despite the fact that this complex takes up very little physical space, it forms a very picturesque and serene world of its own - a unique hip address in the provincial Dutch city.

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