Firm: koezen-architecten

Consultant: Atelier KZNA / SVESMI

Team: Diana Ciufo, Leo Stuckardt, Beatriz Martinez

Client: Municipality of Meppel / Schouwburg Ogterop

Contractor: Kroes Nijeveen

Year: 2014

Location: Meppel, NL

Size: 500 m2

Status: realized

At the end of 2014 the municipality of Meppel (NL) and 'Schouwburg Ogterop' approached KZNA and Koezen architecten to redevelop the foyer ceiling of their city theatre. The old ceiling didn't meet the current demand on fire regulations, accordingly the old ceiling had to be replaced before the new theatre season would start. Apart from regulation, the current lighting in the foyer felt outdated among the audiences and the theatre personnel. Compared to the 19th century interior of the main theatre hall with its red velvet chairs and grand chandelier, the transition to the tube lighting lit foyer was too harsh.

Due to a short time frame, little municipal budgeting, the new regulations and bad lighting conditions the strategy was to design "no" ceiling and invest in quality lighting. With a relatively simple intervention of removing the old ceiling, painting everything that was behind it black and hanging 108 lamps between the existing steel trusses of the ceiling, the new ceiling gained over a meter height, where lighting, installations and theatre equipment are compacted in one layer.

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