Atelier KZNA was founded by David Koezen in 2011. After graduating with honours from the University of Technology Delft at The Why Factory, receiving his degree of Master of Architecture, Urbanism and Building Sciences in 2010, today he is a Amsterdam and Rotterdam based architect. Since then he has collaborated in various international and Dutch design and research projects such as research on ‘Rivierenwijk’ Heerhugowaard with UNION 3, housing competitions in Madrid, Istanbul and the Museum of Troy with IND (InterNational Design).

In the past three years David Koezen has worked in close collaboration with SVESMI team, contributing to projects of various scale and types, from international competition entries to small private comissions, from master-plans and schemes for territorial development to social housing. Among them a masterplan for Skolkovo (Moscow), the new Bauhaus museum in Weimar, Nikola Lenivets masterplan (Moscow), Tikhvin masterplan and developed together with Alexander Sverdlov the design and research for the ‘Polderblock’.

Within the atelier he is mostly responsible for the execution of the projects in the Netherlands and he is actively building a network of local experts and consultants. Currently the atelier is working on multiple projects in the Netherlands, among them the redevelopment of a former office building into luxury housing and 10 dike houses in the north of the Netherlands. Besides that he contributes to projects of SVESMI team such as the ‘Open Library’ research, the pilot project for the execution of 4 libraries in Moscow, the ‘House of New Culture’ (Moscow), Kotovo housing project (Moscow) and more.


The atelier and SVESMI office are sharing on different levels knowledge, projects and space. This way of co-sharing makes the atelier flexible and capable of picking up assignments of various sizes and forms. Where expertise and knowledge is on demand the collaboration gives us and our clients the oppurtunity to approach each task with the attention it needs.

Alexander Sverdlov, togehter with Anastassia Smirnova, founded SVESMI in 2007. Alexander worked as a project architect at de Architekten Cie (Amsterdam), where he was in charge of residential complex Rota Nova and participated in the competition for the new Government headquarters in Bucharest (1st prize). In 2007, he was invited by an architect Winy Maas (MVRDV) to join the team of tutors at the Why Factory, the research institute for the future city, in the Delft Technical University. Alexander has also been lecturing at the Moscow Architectural Institiute (Russia), Berlage Institute (the Netherlands), Aarhus School of Architecture (Denmark), the University of Sheffield (UK), IUAV University of Venice (Italy), ETH Zurich, Aedes (Germany) and in the University of Strasbourg (France).

Anastassia Smirnova is a Rotterdam based author and researcher, in association with architect Alexander Sverdlov she established SVESMI, the first Dutch-Russian office for architecture, urbanism, consultancy and multidisciplinary research. Over the course of the past six years Anastassia Smirnova has been collaborating with Rem Koolhaas and OMA/ AMO as a free-lance author and consultant. Her current work at SVESMI deals with problems of urban renewal, community design and preservation as a part of a bigger social and cultural context.